From the recording Everything Or Nothing Part 1


Can't sit still always on the moveSearching all genres for the ultimate grooveAs long as i keep my head stay iriei won't quit as long as I keep trying "relax, think"Living my life all around the museIn the Caribbean singing irie bluesfeeling so good i know i can't losekicking happy's ass hanging with you
Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, everything or nothing at allYa ya ya ya ya, don't be afraid to fallOoh yeah "hold stop relax think"yeah.. "the rhythm is just Jimi Hendrix, Carl Gustave"
I really like the way she movesTwerking to every sub beat of the grooveshe's a real pretty kitten purring like a catand i'm a get to playing cat in the hat well,i really wanna get me some of that.
"Ya ya ya ya ya", I say ya ya ya ya ya "hold stop relax"Giving everything or nothing at all (repeats out)