From the recording Earth Dies Screaming

The lyrics to this tune were wrtten  at the Oasis while listening to some of my instrumental tracks with reasoning with DX & No Filter aka Didier & Hilaire.


      Earth Dies Screaming         

She doesn’t recognize her face in the mirror 
Hairlines receding like the ozone layer
Her exploits have led to fatal disasters
Leaving endemic and scared forever 
Sacrificing all she’s created for their dreams and greedy aspirations
Too shroud to be tamed to strong to be contained 
Playing along knowing who’ll have the last say.
They’re moving sand to make concrete 
Building walls while glaciers fall
Cutting trees to eat fast food
In the name of greater good 
She dies screaming
Earth dies screaming 

Dark and disfigured neglect turns another page 
Once an pure angelic halo shows a devils rage 
They took by force what she was willing to give away
So she forever guards her soul from those who come to meet their fate
Never needing to see the sparkle in a glass of champagne 
The stars in their eyes shined no light on her pain
Missing all the signs that she displayed 
They kept believing it would never be too late.
The Earth dies screaming 
shaking to her core 
She dies screaming 
Can’t take it anymore 
Can’t take it anymore 
She dies screaming 
Earth dies screaming 

Written by Didier, Gustave, Hilaire
All Rights Reserved
2018 Gustunes Music