1. Overstand

From the recording Overstand

Previously Unreleased Track - "OverStand"
Indie/Contemporary, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Social Commentary
From Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer Carl Gustave. Written in 2014.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Carl Gustave in St.Lucia, W.I. at Windward Studio. 
Carl Gustave all Guitars, E-bow and synth instruments, with Live Drums by Ricardo Francios, Congas-Cuthbert Didier
"Unless you've been there before, you can never truly understand." 


​I need to write it down
​It helps to get it out
​When I'm frustrated by
​all this false representation ​
​The world's in trouble
​our children's futures in doubt
​People been shouting loud
​It seems nothing's changing ​
​Innocence lost in the chaos
​with nowhere to run or turn
​citizens armed or helplessly watching
​the ancient city and their villages burn. ​
​He explains but I can't understand ​It's been experienced firsthand. ​Though it's the latest in world news ​Until I've stood in their shoes,
​I will never know their blues ​I pray and hope I never do
​you can never say you understand
​Until you over-stand, not unless you've been there before
​you can't really understand, untill you over-stand
​it's just you're your opinion nothing more ​
​With unbridled courage
​facing death and disaster
​Another day on the job
​beaten, worn and battered. ​
​Canned dinner for one
​before he goes to bed
​He'll awake again before the sun
​feeling emotionally dead ​
​They fight against overwhelming odds ​Proudly falling in line doing as thier told​to chose between a place with the gods ​or the holy general's firing squads
​Chorus ​
​So you can't really understand
​Though it's been been told firsthand.
​Yes it's he latest in world news
​Until you've stood in their shoes
​You'll never know their blues
​You will never over-stand
​You can't understand
​until you over-stand.
​until you've been there before ​
​He explain's so you can understand ​It's been experienced firsthand. ​Though it's the latest in world news ​But till you've stood in their shoes ​You can't know their kind of blues ​So how can you truly understand? ​Unless you over-stand.
​(\Ad lib) ​Do you over-stand? ​working late for less payto keep your job ​Do you over-stand? ​degrading yourself feeding and keeping baby safe ​Do you over-stand? ​lying to keep the others out of jail or dead ​Do you over-stand ? ​making a sale to just survive another day ​Do you Over-stand?bossman ain't got no work ​Do you over-stand? ​running for cover while walking to school. ​Make sure you over-stand. ​Before you talk bout what he or she should do
​You need to over-stand to truly understand.